When starting a company or organisation marketing is most important. It doesn’t matter if you are selling a product or offering services getting yourself out there is one of the first steps you will need to undertake! Nowadays the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to do this will, in all probability, involve the World Wide Web. It might look easy and open at first but Online marketing has it own obstacles and trickery. Therefore we want to help you on your way and hand you three tips to make it a little easier!

1. Website.

In the day and age that the internet and technology is still growing a good looking website is one of the key tools a company can have. Having an attractive looking website will right away provides a possible customer with a feeling of trust and professionalism. However creating a website suiting to both your liking and your companies image can be hard and costly if not properly done. But there are a few easy accessible options to sooth this pain.

- Wordpress
Wordpress is for most starting businesses the best way to start out. It is easy accessible and provides a quick, solid base that can be reworked and updated quickly without needing to much knowledge about how to build a website. Envato Market provides a big selection of themes, plug-ins, stocks, audio and video against a low cost. Think for instance about: E-commerce plug-ins, themes for your website to make it stand out, and Royalty free audios.

- Squarespace
Squarespace is another web-site creating platform. That makes it easy for starters to get a beautiful and easy updatable web-site for a relatively low price. Other then only the website they can offer you personalised and professional e-mails with Google, integrated E-commerce and a mobile website. Other then that Squarespace is quick to update and without to much works gives off a professional end-result.

2. Planning, planning planning.
This sounds as a step that all people already would have taken before even starting a company. Planning is one of the most crucial steps in Online marketing and is one of best tools a marketer can use on different fields, highlighted are a few below.

- Content plan.
Making a content plan is really easy but can save you time and confusion because you know what you have posted and it makes sure you have a few posts / content ready already during the coming week. This can be just as simple and effective as making a clear Exel sheet marking the days of the week with the content typed out. In this way a lot of content can be made in one day / two days a week which makes it more efficient.

- Setting up posts.
In Facebook it was already possible to set up future posts but services such as Hootsuite and Buffer make it far easier. Buffer analyses the best times to post based on your time zone and offers you a possibility to plan posts onto various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Hoot suite: maybe the best known operator in this field of service offers a wide range of social platforms also including Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn for a little fee and calculates the best time for you when planning a post if you want to.

3. Content.
Online marketing is based and revolves around content. A specific good piece of content can possibly be worth a future if it goes viral or brings on a load of attention. However the process of creating content suitable for your company can be a hardship.

- Trends.
The internet has, like fashion, cars and almost everything in the world, its own trends. These are things and can be: video’s meme’s (what are those, Harlem shake), text meme’s, challenges (ice bucket challenge) and various others. Internet trends often tend to be around for a month or so, depending on the popularity.

Content related to these trends tend to receive more attention since a wider group can relate to it and so have more shares, likes, and attention overall. Since these trends also die down eventually it is advised to not spend to much money unless your in a time when the trend is still at its peak.

- Don't be creative
It may sound weird but for starters, creative content is not yet the way to go. When starting out it is advised to research content related to your company that has been published and is popular. And then improving this content. In this way you can make it more certain that it will get attention since it proved in the past to have been successful (when promoted well, of course.).

With these tips we hope that the big bundle of information that is Online Marketing is made a little bit easier to grasp and more attractive to explore! If not, you can always send us an e-mail for more information and questions.