a.k.a. 'Friends, Fools and Family'

Bares, restaurantes, hoteles, otras agencias, startups, empresas grandes, pequeñas, revistas, ferias, marcas de más de 200 años y otras de menos de 2. Cada caso fue absolutamente distinto y de cada uno aprendimos algo valioso.

Estos son algunos locos que han confiado en nosotros: 


a.k.a. 'Dímelo en la cara'

Anita Licis-Riback,From a Birdie Cofounder

"FromABirdie, Inc. hired ForteCros&Partners as our marketing consultants, after moving our operations to Spain. Edu and Blanca grabbed our attention with their knowledge, professionalism, versatility, contagious energy and creative spirit. Collaborating with FC&P was a springboard for launching our new website and rethinking of our main product - printed books of letters. With their guidance we were able to take both to a new and more sophisticated level, and to develop growth strategies for our businessOnce you have Edu and Blanca ignited about your project, expect a lot of fresh ideas, originality and dedication, all delivered with vigor and passion."  

Christopher Kelley, Lost American Founder

"After taking a long break from making music, I needed to find a new way to present the public side of my music. As my music has matured, so has my image; I needed someone to create the right images, moments, and atmosphere to partner with my new sounds. Working with the ForteCros team has been a clever mix of psychotherapy, marketing, and fashion. How do you differentiate the artist from the multitudes that are available with the click of a button? Be too subtle and you're lost; hit too hard and you're a boring cliché. Edu's work as a photographer brought out moments that are as captivating as a sunrise, yet rare as seeing a shooting star with a new lover. His team were able to pull together these moments into a concise package that tells the Lost American story in a way that is easy to promote yet not get lost in the noise."